Sunday, 28 September 2014

12.5kg sack of desiree potatoes for £2 at Morrisons! Let the potato recipes roll....

Well, the title says it all really! I am not usually a Morrisons shopper but in the name of research decided to try it out. In general it was 'okay'. Just okay. Most of the products were more expensive than Asda in my opinion and the product range was not as good. But, there were deals to be found for sure as the big sack of spuds that Mr Frugal lugged to the car show!

So, firstly the potatoes are unwashed. My poor paws! But in all seriousness, hardly a massive inconvienence to wash a few tatties!

Secondly, the date on these is fairly short for a huge 12.5kg sack. As mentioned in my post on dates (see previous post!) I don't take too much notice of dates anyway. To store keep them in a cool dark place and all should be well with the world. You can also store in fridge but that will give you a slightly sweeter potato as the starch turns to sugar at a lower temperature. In either case I will be using some to freeze down in various ways-more to come on that as it happens!

The potatoes are Desiree, an excellent floury all rounder suitable for roasting, mashing, boiling and using in creamy potato dishes. More info for the potato conscious can be found here:,4596

Incase you are impatient to get cooking I will post below some of the recipes I will be following today. I will report my success back. I will be adding lots of potato recipes over the next week (as I have a lot of potatoes!) One thing is for sure, we will all end up with an Irish accent within the next week or so.... Top of the morning to ya

Recipes for Sunday

With today being Sunday it stands to reason my first recipe is going to be the good ol' roastie:

Followed by the traditional Bubble & Squeak for dinner (or if we are too full it will be Monday night dinner)

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