Friday, 26 September 2014

Simply the best (and cheapest) pizza/pasta sauce ever!

I am not often excited about tinned tomatoes. In fact, Yesterday was probably the only day I have ever been excited about them in my life. They are usually fine to use in chilli/stew/spag bol etc but I think they taste rather 'tinny'. If they are not well disguised in a sauce the tinned tomato flavour really ruins the dish for me. But, alas, no more! Tinned tomatoes have become a 'yum' food, a delicious, ruby red beautiful sauce that could be eaten by the spoonful it is that good. It puts me in mind of a gorgeous Lloyd Grossman sauce that I tasted a few years ago (when the jar was on offer and Mr Frugal was cooking the meal!) I never thought such a simple recipe could taste so good!


2 x tins of plum tomatoes (or any tinned toms that you have to hand)
1 x tablespoons of olive oil
2 x cloves of garlic
1 x bunch or handful of basil- picked and torn (this is where a herb planter saves some cash!)


1. Heat a non stick pan and add the olive oil
2. Add the garlic (minced or finely sliced) and brown slightly
3, Add the basil and tomatoes and use a potato masher to 'squash' the juice out of the tomatoes
4. Season to taste
5. Bring to the boil and then remove from the heat
6. Strain the sauce into a bowl through a sieve, pushing the tomatoes through the sieve with the back       of a wooden spoon so that as little as possible is lost- scrape back of sieve into bowl too!
7. Pop sauce back in pan and simmer for 5-10 minutes. Sauce will thicken up nicely and this is when       it is done.

You can use this gorgeous little sauce on pizza or pasta, as a spaghetti bol sauce or in any way that your imagination allows really! I really find that having a well stocked, windowsill herb pot allows me to create delicious, cheap, family favourites. You could combine the sauce with my quick dough pizza recipe. Cheaper than Pizza Hut and for sure a darn site healthier!

Apologies for the lack of photo- will update the next time I make this lovely little gem :)


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